The Art of the Shuffle

Looking back on Hollywood Shuffle as the first movie we watched, I can’t help but compare it to all the rest. As a starting point, I would say Hollywood Shuffle was a great entrance into ideas Spike Lee attempted to flesh out in his movies. In the story arc of the class, it served as a nice prequel to Bamboozled, although the latter was more painful. I actually began watching Master of None, and in the fourth episode, the main character is asked to do an Indian accent for an audition. He does not do it, but his friend does, citing reasons such as needing money, which is very really. And I remember Professor Parham asking the question: What does it mean when your profession, what you love to do, is something that simultaneously degrades you? The shuffle, the jive, the hustle, all has to do with trying to make it. And there isn’t always work at the post office.