“They Killed Radio Raheem”

The scene that perhaps stuck out to me most in the entire film was the scene where the cops kill Radio Raheem. This scene is so timeless. I feel like this scene in particular is one that could’ve been shot today. Film captures and illustrates issues of the day and time they were produced in and Do the right thing does just that, but even more so, stresses the long existing violence against the black community by police. Even further the divide between the black and white communities is made really prominent in this film. This divide is illustrated in the scene where one of the white residents of the neighborhood, where the film takes place negligently runs over Bugging Outs foot, and is unapologetic about it and is unaware of the space that he is taking up in a traditionally black neighborhood, in juxtaposition with black people always having to be conscious of the space that they take up. A scene that I feel really makes this clear is the scene where radio Raheem gets his radio smashed by the pizza shop owner and when Bugging Out is thrown out of the pizza shop for asking about the representation of black people on the pizza shop’s wall. This illustration of black and white people trying to coexist in neighborhoods even lends itself to Gentrification in traditionally black communities today, like Harlem and Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. Black people are still being displaced and pushed out of communities that they have cultivated and cultured by white people.


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