Double dolly shot and the outer body experience


The double dolly shot I chose to focus on was the shot from Mo Better Blues Where Bleek and Clarke are having sex in his apartment, this scene is one that makes the audience feel just as bleak does specifically feelings that are daze like, euphoric and dizzy and I think this particular double dolly scene was really meant to heighten those emotions.

Most of Lee’s Double dolly shot are head on angles but this particular one was unique in that it was 360 degrees. I think the 360 double dolly technique in this particular scene creates this sort of removed feeling from what is going on in real time. Similar to how people feel when they’re sexually engaged. It can seem as though nothing and no one exists during intimacy.

The reason that I chose this scene as opposed to the many other double dolly scenes lee has orchestrated during his career, is because from other critiques that I have read regarding this filming technique people believe that this sort of technique is a distraction from many of his films content and story lines in an effort to draw attention to the technique itself. From other double dolly scenes i’ve engaged with I can see how this is true but with this scene I find this technique to do the total opposite in that it engaged the audience with closeness in a way where one felt as though they were present, and in the scene themselves.

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