Ideas & Action Items

Action Items

By next class (Thursday, March 24)

  1. Insert Read More Tag to make more visually appealing
  2. Optional: elaborate on profiles

In Two Weeks

  1. Catch up on blog posts and catch up on comments (everyone should have 6 posts by next week
  2. Elaborate on profiles (add picture?, etc.)



  1. Tagging work to make sure people know content (ex: more better blues; spike lee; movies)
  2. Use featured image option (on the lefthand side of the screen) to put one image front and center and before piece begins
  3. Consider starting blog off with question (ex: Is it enough to show homophobia rather than disprove homophobia?). This will provide a direct jumping off point for comments
  4. Jazz up personal profile (add pictures if comfortable)
  5. Use “like” button
  6. Initial impressions threads
    1. Creating a thread with a single topic that everybody can comment on?
      1. movies, motifs, etc.
  7. Surveys
  8. Don’t be afraid to be personal, vulnerable
  9. Embedding social media (twitter?)

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