Initial Impression Thread: Inside Man



3 thoughts on “Initial Impression Thread: Inside Man”

  1. (Spoilers) Inside Man was an exciting bank-heist thriller that was done cleverly. The audience is certainly never bored when watching this film as Spike Lee creates a tension rising plot that certainly entertains the crowd. The acting was solid, especially Denzel, Clive Owen was did an acceptable job as well. The movie spends almost entirely set in and outside of the bank, literally during the heist, and very little focus on any background on the robbers and finishes with a rushed conclusion. This results in poor character development and not as quite as satisfying of an ending. The audience is left to ponder who these robbers are and why they are doing this besides the reason “because I can.” The ending of Clive Owen’s character literally walking out the front door of the bank was strongly foreshadowed and therefore not very surprising when it happens, and the resolution of the film could have been more thorough. Overall, the film was entertaining, fun to watch and held your attention but lacked in deeper areas of character development and conflict resolution. But then again, when are bank-heist movies really focused on character development? For what the film is trying to be , which appears to be an exciting thriller, it accomplishes the job and therefore I give it a 7/10.


    1. You bring up an important point, Skye. After all this is a Spike Lee joint and it still does touch on the issue on racial intolerance, even if it is more subtle than his other films. Lee is still able to address this concern in a blockbuster film and was able to reach a wider audience this way. I think Lee was portraying the cops as characters that just were not concerned with such things as respecting his religion, and this was probably supposed to upset the viewer.

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