Crooklyn: The Boiling Point and Music

I wanted to take a minute to go back and look at the scene where the family fight breaks out. First, this scene was just done so well from the acting, the music, to the chaos. We discussed in class about the soundtrack playing in the background affecting the way the audience read the scene. Some people thought that the soundtrack was joyful and therefore lightened the tension of this scene. I felt differently when watching this, you see in this see the culmination of financial stress, parental disagreement, the children’s naivety and simple focus on watching a sports game all at once clash together and erupt into a family fight that results in the parents splitting up for the time being. Listening to this song during this scene just emphasizes the emotion being felt, between the contrast of this song and the nature of the scene it seems to be portraying a specific message. A message where this song is wanting to go to a “better place” with no stress, no worry and smiling faces, where even “Daddy” is playing the piano and there isn’t any crying. A song like this resonates as a cry of pain that I believe the children would be feeling during such a crisis, not fully understanding why their parents were leaving each other when it seems like all over watching a sports game to them. And you hear one of the kids say, “see what you did, see what you started?” to their sibling. To me this scene was so powerful and full of emotion and the soundtrack brought these emotions out even more.

Here are the lyrics to the song if anyone is interested: I’lll Take You There Lyrics

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