Eval Responsibilities

Hey crew! Sorry about the lateness, Indidn’t gauge how busy I was going to be these last couple of days. Here is the Eval Roll Call (on top of evaluating another blog’s posts! Please just comment with a link to the post your evaluating from another blog below).
If you don’t have someone, please look at who does not have an eval yet!
Nicholas assessing Ali (SLJ4); Elijah (SLJ2)

Janna assessing Marquez

Thomas G. assessing Emerson

Amal assessing Iris

Iris assessing Janna

Skye, Marquez, Heru, Rachel assessing Joint Project by: Thomas M., Dani, Nisaa, Nicholas

Dani and Thomas M. assessing Joint Project by: Heru and Amal

Emerson assessing Thomas G.
Skye assessing TBD

Nisaa ”

Rachel ”

Miu “


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10 thoughts on “Eval Responsibilities”

  1. @arohde16 I believe so. My understanding is that the blog we are analyzing from our own (slj4) is posted above and we are supposed to post links to the blogs on (slj2) that we wish to also analyze. Hope that helps!

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