Chi-Raq: Working Within the System?

Spike Lee sets the majority of the film in and around the military armory, a locus of state power filled with guns and cannons. Lee’s choice in setting has two somewhat opposing effects. First, the setting enables Lee to demonstrate how those without power can subvert the system to gain power. The gang of black women use their sexuality to take over the armory (see screenshot) and, eventually, make Chicago safer. At the same time, however, Lee’s setting demonstrates how those typically denied power still often work within the system to gain power. The gang of women do not destroy the armory and all of its guns; they take it over. Similarly, the gang of women do not fight refuse to be objectified but instead use their value to men as objects for sex as a way to get men to meet their demands.

Groups members:@nicholaspmarsh @tmatthew13 @craigheru @arohde16

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 10.50.01 AM


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2 thoughts on “Chi-Raq: Working Within the System?”

  1. It’s also interesting that the women in the scene gain more power when they take over the men’s phallic looking weapons (the gun, cannon, etc.) It really speaks to what it means to have power in the film and how power is typically assigned.


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