25th Hour Montage: Continuation of Do The Right Thing


In the most famous scene from Lee’s 2002 film, 25th Hour, Edward Norton’s character goes on to to curse out every single race and creed in New York City in a montage that people have read as a love/hate letter to all New Yorkers.

One can’t see this montage without immediately seeing it as a continuation to Lee’s Racial Stereotype montage in Do The Right Thing.


It seems to me that the one major difference is that the 25th Hour montage is from the perspective of white middle aged man and that it incorporates the newly ignited racism felt by many Americans towards the cultures from the Middle East after the 9/11 attacks. This is a stark contrast to the montage in Do The Right Thing, in which each culture that is discriminated against is found in the next shot discriminating against someone else; hammering home Lee’s point that racist thoughts are found within every culture.



One thought on “25th Hour Montage: Continuation of Do The Right Thing”

  1. The scene you look at in Do the Right Thing has always appeared to me to be the realest display of personified racism in a movie. The hate against Middle Eastern cultures that stems from the 9/11 attacks has always been insane and yet unsurprising to me. I was 7 years old when it happened, so I can’t speak too much about the racial relations before the attack, but I agree in that I don’t think the ‘suicide bomber’ stereotype was so widespread before that incident. That just goes to show that one event, sprinkled with some racist rhetoric in the aftermath, can quickly ingrain negative stereotypes without anybody even noticing the shift till its too late.


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