Spike Lee in Get On The Bus

It is interesting to note that Get on The Bus is Lee’s first film in which he does not play a starring role. Despite this fact his presence was still felt through the character Xavier. I know that when I viewed the film I clearly saw similarities between himself and Xavier (AKA “X”), a UCLA film student who is making a documentary film on the Million Man March.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 6.25.34 PM



Lee shares the character’s passion for his school and documenting major moments for his race. Lee is constantly promoting his alma mater, NYU,  in popular culture and X not only reps his UCLA sweatshirt while he is on the bus, but during the roll call sequence, the only qualifying factor he adds to the song is that he is a bruin. Moreover, Lee from the onset has always made films that comment and document the history and current issues within and around the African-American community, something that X is doing with his own work within the film.


One thought on “Spike Lee in Get On The Bus”

  1. Out of all the films in this class, I’ve rewatched Get on the Bus the most and have never thought of that comparison.Thinking about the film in the context of your post makes me realize that Lee probably did intentionally frame the character Xavier through his own college experience and self. It’s also telling that Xavier seems to be the only character that’s immediately accepting of all the different identities of black men on the bus. I’m assuming that Lee is the same way since he has examined so many different types of identities in his films


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