The Ultimate Knicks Fan

Spike Lee is arguably the most famous Knicks fan on the floor each night. The man is committed, even after this brutal season. It’s interesting that after devoting his life to this one team– and certainly bringing publicity to the team– he doesn’t get the love back from the organization.

Phil Jackson said of Spike Lee, “Spike is an avid Knicks fan who doesn’t know anything about basketball.” Judging by that Knicks record, Phil, your triangle offense ain’t working either.

How might Lee, being one of the most famous Knicks fans, use his influence to further the African-American cause? Why might the organization push back on Lee’s association with them?

3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Knicks Fan”

  1. Awesome post Emerson. I thought you might like this video that really demonstrates Lee’s passion for the Knicks. The link can be found here ( and it shows Lee chirping with the Indiana Pacer’s Reggie Miller in the NBA Conference Finals in the mid-90s. What is funny to think about is that, at the time a lot of Knicks fans were angry as they believed Lee, with his chirping, sparked a competitive fire in Miller and lead his Pacers to victory.


  2. Wow. I’m surprised Phil Jackson decided to come at the Knick’s greatest fan like that. I’m an NBA guy and I have never seen a chairman come at a fan of their own organization like that. I wonder if Lee said something that riled up Jackson since the Knick’s haven’t looked like improving since he arrived. Either way, that ain’t very zen Phil.


  3. I absolutely agree with Phil Jackson, I don’t think Spike Lee’s support is about a love for basketball it is about a love for the place he calls home, which he often glorifies in his work through film. I think of it (his supporting the knicks) as a sort of symbolic metaphor for his love of New York . Maybe his comments have to do with the back lash Lee had been getting from doing films not set in New York like Chi-raq, he probably (coach phil jackson) just wanted to disassociate himself.


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