Lee And Non-NYC

Just some thoughts I had from conversation about Spike Lee handling spaces that are not his home New York City. From Chi-Raq to Levees, there is always critique of Lee when handling places that do not resemble his Brooklyn upbringing.

This article is old, but discusses am upcoming documentary on racial politics (assumingly) in Brazil that Lee is directin at the moment. It is set to release this year. I was wondering about people’s thoughts on how Spike Lee treats other places and, if yes, how does that treatmwnt further a particular directorial agenda?

Author: iris

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One thought on “Lee And Non-NYC”

  1. Going back to conversations we’ve had in the past about this, I think we criticized the places we love, the most the most harshly. And I think Lee gets so much back lash in terms of criticizing and depicting these places where he films, that aren’t his home (NYC), because he hasn’t earned the right to do so. When you live in a place for a substantial amount of time you see things about it that someone else does not see while they are visiting. So I think him directing and depicting these spaces is for personal gain and is often times inaccurate. Even when Lee is critical of his home it comes from a very loving place and that is shown in his film, but I think it’s hard to convey that love for a place you don’t come from and so it doesn’t come across in film


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