What do we do when we see someone stumble? As for me, when it happens, I first hope that they’re okay (or at least I believe this about myself :B). Then, provided they are unharmed, I hope to laugh together with the person at what we both know was visually amusing. I apply this to my skateboarding falls/fails. Falling is an occupational hazard when one does something that requires balance. Standing and walking are the same. Conversation and dialogue are analogous. Continue reading “Trippin’”

Is that…God on the radio?

While we’ve pointed to a group of characters who function as panopticons, Lee’s composition of the shots Love Daddy is in and his speech put the character in a very different place than Mother-Sister, or even the police. He seems to be 1 part God, 1 part Spike Lee, and 8 parts funny as hell. Continue reading “Is that…God on the radio?”