Positive Vision

Now that we have come to the end of semester, it is a great time to reflect on the different  Spike Lee films we have watched this semester. For me, the question Lee leaves in mind after every film is “Does a positive image of a world exist despite the tragedy west on the screen? What does this positive image consist of?”

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Live Tweet of 4 Little Girls

Once again, I have live tweeted another film. Although this is a documentary by Spike Lee, I do believe it is good to jot down your thoughts while you watch a film.

From this experience of live tweeting, i hope that I have opportunities in the future to sit down in a private film screening to share my words with a larger space. I hope I learn to keep my twitter active to engage in thoughtful conversations with not only peers but the larger world.


Have You Ever Made Love to a Drum?

Have you ever made love to a drum? I have and it created the greatest sound in the world. This week I watched “Get On the Bus” alone, which offered a very intimate experience. The experience was so intimate that when I saw Jeremiah playing the drum, my heart skipped joyfully to his playing and heard the stories he was playing. Besides this moment, there were two scenes with the drum I enjoyed. Continue reading “Have You Ever Made Love to a Drum?”

Live tweet of X

Hello everbody. Since this was my third time watching this film, I decided to live tweet about X. The first time I saw the film, it was before I read the autobiography of Malcolm X. The second time I watched the film, it was after I read the autobiography. So as my third time sitting through the film, it was great to exam it from a news lens with an audience. So please enjoy my tweets. You are free to follow me on twitter @dancinqueen2013.

Live Tweet of X

Live Tweet X 2

Midterm: Embrace Brotherhood

This post is about embracing brotherhood and where are black males allowed to show intimacy and have difficult conversations in School Daze and today.

Not too long ago, actor Michael B. Jordan and director Ryan Cooler appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair for their role as “disrupters revolutionizing art, film, and fashion”. In the photo, Jordan extends his arm and uses his hand to hold the back of Coogler’s hand. The image is also to promote solidarity between brotherhood. Black masculinity does not just mean large muscles and deep gazes. Yet, the image received backlash, especially from black males on twitter before the tweets were removed. These tweets emasculated the men, such as:

“The pose insinuates a man dominating another man. He’s palming his head.” – @Fettimagazine

“Why is he holding his head like that anyway? What type of unity does this suggest? It does look a little suspect. Looks almost like he has his head headed towards his **** How about a simple handshake?” -@Mizzlee_atl


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Happy Birthday Spike Lee

On Sunday March 20, 2016, Spike Lee turned a young 59 years of age. As someone use to seeing Lee on the sidelines of New York Knicks games screaming for some defense and a victory, it is good to take a moment and appreciate his artistic vision through movies. Spring Break and today’s class allowed myself to take a moment and reflect on the first half of the semester. Some things often brought up about Lee are how clumsy he is when it comes to dealing with gender and sexuality, his eye with framing certain scenes, his use of color to help with the tension in a scene. I appreciate most of how Lee frames people within scenes, such as Jane standing between Dap and Julian in School Daze. Julian and Dap argue over whether Half-Pint will be accepted into Gamma Dogs fraternity while Jane must watch with little agency to influence the debate.  Continue reading “Happy Birthday Spike Lee”

Look at those Lips

Screenshot 2016-03-14 14.16.54

In Mo Better Blues, Denzel Washington plays Bleek, an amazing trumpet player who is an asshole. His existence and popularity depends on his relationship to women, but also his lips. In class, we talked a little about the ending scene where we see Bleek as a broken man and unable to play his trumpet again. He then turns to Indigo to fix him. During their encounter, she touches his broken lips, the one thing that has helped him to make his living and engage in relationship with women.

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Wake Up

The ending sequence of the movie School Daze is often difficult to understand, especially after sitting through the scene of when Jane is supplied to Half-Pint in a painful sexually assault. Dap, after confronting his cousin on his actions, gets dressed and proceeds to run outside to wake up the entire college. He yells Wake Up over and over again as he rings the campus bell. Students and administration gather on the main quad. As they leave the buildings, the only name we can identify is Sojourner Truth, an African-American abolitionist and women’s rights activist. Her legacy reminds us to remember the importance and power of women, something often ignored and approached poorly by the ever so clumsy view of gender by Spike Lee.


Screenshot 2016-03-05 13.33.26

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