Malcolm X: Controversy Around Assassination and Lee’s Portrayal

What was the true role of the FBI in Malcolm X’s assassination? And how did Lee portray his murder in the biographical film of Malcolm X?

When Lee’s film Malcolm X was first released there was some controversial reviews on his portrayal of Malcolm X’s assassination. People were upset that they believed Lee to portray the NOI as solely responsible for the assassination, believing that the few radical muslims that murdered X were not representative of the NOI. As well, this portrayal sends a message of black-on-black violence that is destructive imagery. Lee responds to these criticisms in the following article, addressing his understanding of the assassination and the role of the parties involved.

Spike Lee Defends ‘Malcolm X’ 

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4 Little Girls: Effective moments and contrast

What I enjoyed so much about this documentary was the effectiveness of it. It was simple, powerful, factual, and used a perfect combination of contrast, interviews of family and friends of the girls juxtaposed with archival footage and various interviews with people like George Wallace and Arthur Hanes Jr. Below are some examples or screenshots of moments that were very effective or people who provided personal anecdotes about their daughter (like the McNairs) that gave the audience a visceral reaction. There were many moments that I did not include but these are just a few that really stood out to me: Continue reading “4 Little Girls: Effective moments and contrast”

Malcolm X and Get on the Bus: Sacrifice

I have been talking a lot about redemption in my last couple posts and that led me to think about this theme across both Malcolm X and Get on the Bus. A large part of redemption is sacrifice. As I mentioned in my last post, Christianity clearly played an important role in Get on the Bus and a major theme in the New Testament is Jesus’ sacrifice to redeem humankind’s sins.  Continue reading “Malcolm X and Get on the Bus: Sacrifice”

Get on the Bus: Jeremiah and Christianity

In my last post I touched on the topic of redemption while discussing Jamal. The character that I found to be the most interesting was Jeremiah in regards to redemption. Jeremiah not only provided the whole bus to be able to come together for a call of action in the film’s final moments, but was redeeming himself through his last valiant journey on the march.  Continue reading “Get on the Bus: Jeremiah and Christianity”

Get on the Bus: Gary and the redeemed

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When I watched this scene I found myself very conflicted. In class, it seemed there was a general consensus that Jamal was the redeemed character in this story. It was pointed out that Gary was not progressive in his thinking and was trying to hold back Jamal’s redemption. The way I read this scene was not so clear cut though.  Continue reading “Get on the Bus: Gary and the redeemed”

Crooklyn: The Boiling Point and Music

I wanted to take a minute to go back and look at the scene where the family fight breaks out. First, this scene was just done so well from the acting, the music, to the chaos. We discussed in class about the soundtrack playing in the background affecting the way the audience read the scene. Continue reading “Crooklyn: The Boiling Point and Music”