Be a f***in’ man, Mookie: Depictions of Male and Female Characters in SL Joints

Follow this link to listen to Thomas M., Danielle F., Nisaa J., and Nicholas M.’s commentary on an important scene in Do the Right Thing which provides an entree into discussion about Spike Lee’s portrayal of both men and women in his films.

Please turn on English subtitles for transcript of inaudible commentary from 0:50 – 2:24

A problem of representation.

In this scene Pierre confronts Dunwitty, outraged over revisions made to his pilot script without his consent. Dismissing Pierre’s anger, Dunwitty cites his own intimate knowledge of Black people as the source of his authority to approve a final cut of the show. For the second time in the film, Dunwitty asserts that he has superior knowledge of Black culture and that Pierre should defer to his better judgement. And for the second time, Pierre is unable to successfully challenge him on this point. Continue reading “A problem of representation.”