And I Am Mourning: Crooklyn and the Eulogy I Never Gave You

Crooklyn continues to strike a chord with me. The neighborhood Troy lives in very much parallels my own Bronx home. I remember the stoop games, the fire hydrant popped open on a hot summer day, the elders at the front of the bodega playing their hundredth game of dominoes.

And I remember when my stepdad died. Continue reading “And I Am Mourning: Crooklyn and the Eulogy I Never Gave You”

Crooklyn: The Boiling Point and Music

I wanted to take a minute to go back and look at the scene where the family fight breaks out. First, this scene was just done so well from the acting, the music, to the chaos. We discussed in class about the soundtrack playing in the background affecting the way the audience read the scene. Continue reading “Crooklyn: The Boiling Point and Music”

Initial Impression Thread: Crooklyn

About half of our blog watched the movie on Friday night in Professor Parham’s office (I realized a few hours after the movie that everyone there is in this blog group). It was a pretty intimate setting, which turned out to be a very nice thing once we got to the end of the film. It’ll be interesting to compare the experiences of the Friday night viewers and the Sunday night viewers.