Malcolm X: Controversy Around Assassination and Lee’s Portrayal

What was the true role of the FBI in Malcolm X’s assassination? And how did Lee portray his murder in the biographical film of Malcolm X?

When Lee’s film Malcolm X was first released there was some controversial reviews on his portrayal of Malcolm X’s assassination. People were upset that they believed Lee to portray the NOI as solely responsible for the assassination, believing that the few radical muslims that murdered X were not representative of the NOI. As well, this portrayal sends a message of black-on-black violence that is destructive imagery. Lee responds to these criticisms in the following article, addressing his understanding of the assassination and the role of the parties involved.

Spike Lee Defends ‘Malcolm X’ 

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SLJoints Final: Gender Dynamics Through Audio-Visual Editing

This final exam was a collaborative effort between @marquezdoee, @rpark16 (from blog 2), and @emersonking.

About an hour and a half into the film, Lysistrata comes face to face with Ol’ Duke and the rest of his sex-starved posse, The Knights. With a series of shot reverse shots, Lee constructs the sequence with a level of intensity that comes with any face-off, placing the men on one end and the women on the other. Throughout this sequence, Lee utilizes a combination of sound and image to communicate an interplay between the male and female characters on screen, a dynamic that causes a shift in power that begins with the Knights and ends up with the strikers.

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