Final: Critiques of Lee’s Malcolm X

I thought Malcolm X was fantastic. While researching the joint’s critical reception, I was pleased to discover that many critics had similar reactions. Even those with serious qualms with the film generally seemed pretty damned pleased that a major Hollywood studio was producing and financing a movie commemorating the life of Malcolm X. One reviewer wrote, “That this man is the subject of the first big budget Hollywood movie on the life of a black historical figure is, in and of itself, nothing short of a coup” (Yousman 2014).

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History Through Matana Roberts & Malcolm X

During  Professor Jessica Johnson’s talk, she talked about archival history and how we can create alternative archives through simulation, re-enactment, and our imagination. What resonated with me the most from her talk was when she said that the archive provides a basic structure of what history is since history itself is subjective. It can work as a framework or as dots that we can connect ourselves to redefine history. Continue reading “History Through Matana Roberts & Malcolm X”