Live Tweet of 4 Little Girls

Once again, I have live tweeted another film. Although this is a documentary by Spike Lee, I do believe it is good to jot down your thoughts while you watch a film.

From this experience of live tweeting, i hope that I have opportunities in the future to sit down in a private film screening to share my words with a larger space. I hope I learn to keep my twitter active to engage in thoughtful conversations with not only peers but the larger world.


Live tweet of X

Hello everbody. Since this was my third time watching this film, I decided to live tweet about X. The first time I saw the film, it was before I read the autobiography of Malcolm X. The second time I watched the film, it was after I read the autobiography. So as my third time sitting through the film, it was great to exam it from a news lens with an audience. So please enjoy my tweets. You are free to follow me on twitter @dancinqueen2013.

Live Tweet of X

Live Tweet X 2