Midterm: When Collectibles Come to Life

In “Bamboozled,” Spike Lee uses multiple angles to display the swiftness with which Pierre’s collection of Black Americana collectibles proliferates. As a result, Lee’s audience comprehends the power of the past and understands that racial equality does not yet exist. In this post I will focus on one scene in particular: the scene in which Pierre speaks to his mother on the phone (1:42:30).

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Bamboozled: Critiquing the Critics

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It is easy the first time watching Bamboozled to miss what Spike Lee is doing throughout the movie, between the choppy narrative structure and blatant commentary on blackface the viewer can get disoriented. This disorientation led many critics to misunderstand the film Spike Lee was creating. One of the most common criticisms of the film was that it ironically did the same thing it was satirizing in the show, that by commenting about these themes of race the movie did more harm than good. Continue reading “Bamboozled: Critiquing the Critics”