Inside Man: A Spike Lee Joint? (Amal & Heru’s Midterm)

Part 1: Sal’s Pizza…

Given Spike Lee’s past usages of physical spaces as microcosms of larger societal issues, Inside Man’s bank and all power dynamics within said bank deserve analysis. It was no mistake that Lee referenced Do the Right Thing when “Sal’s Famous Pizza” was brought to the hostages.

Dalton Russell gave his hostages the same costumes as his co-conspirators, attempting to create confusion for the police because it was hard to tell the “good guys” from the “bad”. However, in one scene, after the police get hold of a sikh hostage, they make no effort to treat him fairly even when he’s mask-less. This speaks to a possible larger point Lee is making about citizens in relation to police. Are we faceless in the name of state power?

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