Chiraq Zolly: The Road to Redemption

Next, I want to tackle a scene that confronts Nick Cannon’s Chiraq with his demons, a scene that comes to life through Lee’s careful application of the zolly technique. I spoke at length about this device within the context of Lee’s Inside Man (here’s a link to that discussion).  Continue reading “Chiraq Zolly: The Road to Redemption”

Get on the Bus: Jeremiah and Christianity

In my last post I touched on the topic of redemption while discussing Jamal. The character that I found to be the most interesting was Jeremiah in regards to redemption. Jeremiah not only provided the whole bus to be able to come together for a call of action in the film’s final moments, but was redeeming himself through his last valiant journey on the march.  Continue reading “Get on the Bus: Jeremiah and Christianity”

Get on the Bus: Gary and the redeemed

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When I watched this scene I found myself very conflicted. In class, it seemed there was a general consensus that Jamal was the redeemed character in this story. It was pointed out that Gary was not progressive in his thinking and was trying to hold back Jamal’s redemption. The way I read this scene was not so clear cut though.  Continue reading “Get on the Bus: Gary and the redeemed”