Sororities and Fraternities In School Daze

schooldazeI think sororities and fraternities play a very interesting role in the film School Daze. Historically becoming involved with sororities and fraternities is a way to gain power and social status over others.In School Daze in particular, sororities and fraternities are used as an instrument by black people against other black people to explore and express superiority. Although Mission College is clearly an all black college, frat life is a manifestation of whiteness on this campus. We see this in the film  many times,  but I specifically want to focus on the scene in the hair salon with the Js and the Ws, although Rachel crew isn’t necessarily  sorority it still shares the same qualities of Sisterhood and strength in numbers. In this musical scene,   the two groups go back and forth calling each other slurs and insults, slurs/insults that you would normally hear from someone of a different race. A particular quote that I took a liking to, to prove my point regarding power dynamic, is when Jane Says “You’re a wannabe, want to be better than me” to Rachel. This to me perfectly illustrates the fight for power between the two groups because each of them want to represent the next elite uprising of the black race.