Live Tweet of 4 Little Girls

Once again, I have live tweeted another film. Although this is a documentary by Spike Lee, I do believe it is good to jot down your thoughts while you watch a film.

From this experience of live tweeting, i hope that I have opportunities in the future to sit down in a private film screening to share my words with a larger space. I hope I learn to keep my twitter active to engage in thoughtful conversations with not only peers but the larger world.


The Everyday Tragedy

“Do the Right Thing” is one of the most inconclusive movies of Spike Lee’s in my opinion. It is also one of my favorites. In terms of general flow and enjoyment, I thought the transitions and story arc were very solid. In other movies, Chi-raq being forefront in my mind, I felt that the themes overpowered the story in that Spike Lee wanted to make sure you got it. Two other exceptions are Crooklyn and Inside Man, but the latter was less about theme are more about cinema perhaps, and Crooklyn more about family/children and not necessarily external racism.. Often to get this point across, Lee puts his characters in pretty unrealistic or exaggerated situations. If he doesn’t do that, he exaggerates certain characteristics of certain characters and we are left with someone who is a caricature. “Do the Right Thing” seemed highly probable (except for Mookie keeping his job; he was the worst employee ever) and in that lay its success. The feel of an everyday neighborhood, going through the motions of being that neighborhood were poignant and real. The tragedy at the end with Radiohead’s death and the pizza shop being burned down seemed real too. And the next day, when things seemed business as usual, added to the idea that this happens all the time, and that is what makes it so bad. Visually, I loved this movie. The colors were bright, the sun was hot, and the loving shots of black skin were stunning in a way you don’t often see.